Open Positions

As a strategist, you will take on the role of breaking down our client’s brand to analyze how we can generate growth for their company. Strategists often collaborate with designers to tell a company’s story through logo designs or marketing plans for social media and other advertising outlets.

As a developer, you will create a functional, digital representation of our client’s brand. Web development utilizes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build a beautiful website that establishes a more prominent web presence in today’s invaluable digital space.

As a designer, you will have the creative freedom to produce stunning visual content for our client that reflects their brand identity with a single glance. You will work alongside developers and strategists alike to maintain a consistent brand image for the client across all of our work.

As a videographer, you will create high-quality videos that tell our client’s story and expose their company on the web in an engaging way. Videos are growing in importance within modern companies and your work will help a brand increase its online presence across multiple platforms.

Alumni Stories

rADical alumni have had a lot of success all over the world. We’ve selected just a few of them to tell their story about how their time working here has impacted their careers. Take a look at how rADical shaped their careers and apply here to see how it could shape yours.

Kelsey Miller


Kelsey was one of two founders of rADical – alongside Arthur, she built the company from the ground up to what it is today. During her time at rADical, Kelsey wore many hats. She attributes her strong resume to the hands on experience she had at rADical, which helped her to land her position at Social Code. “My experience in strategic marketing and creative development at rADical made me stand out against other job applicants and prepared me for my current position running digital marketing for Fortune 500 brands such as Nestle and DIRECTV.”

Kelsey graduated UVa in the Spring of 2016, but still checks in with the rADical team regularly.

Arthur Wu


Arthur founded rADical with Kelsey Miller in his first year at UVa. A jack of all trades, Arthur helped develop and design rADical’s site as well as developed, designed, and strategized for the clients he’d juggle. When reflecting on his time at rADical, he says “It was the most enriching experience I’ve had at UVa, both personally and professionally. I’ve grown as a designer, strategist, and entrepreneur – atypical to most experiences that a college student can get.”

Arthur currently works as a Product Manager at Palantir Technologies in New York City, and he still checks in with rADical to provide guidance to our young members.

Jess Zimmerman

Development Head

Jess joined rADical as a developer but her role quickly evolved. She went from developer to client lead to our Lead Developer and head of Business Development within just a few years. She says, “Radical gave me the perfect opportunity to gain real world experience working with clients, while surrounded by some of the most talented and creative individuals at UVA…I am eternally grateful.”

After having graduated UVa in Spring ‘17, Jess moved to San Francisco to work full-time as a backend developer at Slack.

Josh Harrison

Head of Internal Development

Josh was brought onto the rADical team in 2015 as both a designer and strategist. “Upon joining, I remember having this feeling of like ‘what am I getting myself into.’ Very quickly, though, it became something that I really wanted to invest my time in.” Josh went on to run the internal team for a year until he graduated in Spring ‘17.

Josh is a fellow in Venture for America’s Class of 2017 and an Architectural Designer in Bedrock, Detroit.

Megan Killeen

Managing Director

Megan joined the rADical team her first year as a strategist. She soon became the Director of Finance and ultimately a Managing Director. “Thanks to the skills I learned during my time on the team, the experiences I had, and the people I met, I was able to figure out where I wanted to be after graduating… rADical really put my career in the right direction, and it can for you too; you should apply, I promise you won’t regret it.”

Megan will be graduating in Spring ‘18 and working for Yext as an Associate Technical Project Manager.

Karan Baboota

Managing Director

Karan joined rADical as a first year and was one of the first members to help grow rADical’s brand and clientbase. He credits rADical for helping to bring his passion for marketing and advertising to a new level by proving him the chance to work with real clients. “rADical has been one of the most important experiences of my UVA career. rADical throws you in the fire to see what you can do. You work with real clients, on real projects, and your team has complete ownership of the final product.”

Currently, Karan works as an associate at Prophet, a brand growth consultancy.